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Giấy lọc Advantec Grade No. 5C

Category: Chart & Pen
Nhà sản xuất: ADVANTEC
Product SKU: EW-81051-54
Advantec Grade No. 5C Ashless Quantitative Filter Paper; 18.5 cm dia.; pack of 100
  • Manufactured to exacting standards for uniform performance
  • Collect fine precipitates (4, BaSO4, HgCrO4, and colloidal dispersions; gravimetric analysis
Product Type Filter Papers
Filter size 18.5 cm
Thickness 0.22 mm
Membrane support Cellulose
Diameter 18.5 cm
Quantity 100/box
Pore size (micron) < 5
Weight (g/m2) 118
Flow time (seconds) 570
Absorption speed (cm) 6
Wet strength (cm H2O) 25
Brand Advantec
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